Tyler Amp Works PT 14

Key Features

  • 1×12″ Combo
  • 14 Watts
  • 12AX7 Preamp Tubes (x4)
  • 6V6 Poweramp Tubes (x2)
  • GZ34 Tube Rectifier
  • Reverb
  • Tremolo
  • FAT Circuit

As reviewed, $1,499.00. Built to order, custom modifications available. Contact Tyler Amp Works for a quote.


I must admit I had never heard of Tyler Amp Works until my Publisher, Bruce Adolph, asked if he could have one shipped to me to bring to the Winter NAMM show. Bruce told me that Tyler Amp Works (a father and son amp building team based in Westfield, NJ) had been of late getting quite a bit of star clientele using and endorsing their amplifier. One notable end user being Phil Keagy, who definitely has a reputation for being nitpicky on tone, not to mention Chris Tomlin, Dave Cleveland, Michael W. Smith, Jeremy Camp, Toby Mac, Steven Curtis Chapman, Eric Paisley, and a whole lot of other notable artists and bands. Wow! I wonder what they all know that I don’t? Well, let’s take a look.

The PT 14 being reviewed here is just one of a range of guitar and bass amps built to order by Tyler Amp Works. Check out Tyler’s website for more information on their product range. While Tyler does have a few dealers around the country, the majority of their amps are built to order and can be customized with a range of different features and specs. The Black Tolex covering on the PT 14 shown here is just one of many cabinet coverings available. The amp comes with a five-year warranty.

Our review PT 14 is an all tube 14-watt amp based in part on a 60’s Blackface Reverb circuit. The Amp’s closest analogy to a vintage Fender amp would be to a 60’s Blackface Princeton Reverb, however the amp is packed with a lot of additional features that put it a lot closer to a Blackface Deluxe, but even then the amp has a lot of other additional features that put it another league altogether. It’s almost like getting all of the best that Fender had to offer in the mid-60s packed into one box, and then some.

The amp being reviewed here is a 1×12 Combo (the amp is also available as a head and cabinet configuration). On the front panel from left to right can be found a Volume Control, Treble, Bass, Reverb, and Speed and Intensity of the Tremolo circuit. The amp has two 6V6 power tubes, a Gz34 tube rectifier, 12 ax7 Preamp tubes (x4), a great sounding reverb tank, and an all tube tremolo circuit… all of which are standard on the amp. You also get some modern features like a Mid/Cut control and FAT/Boost switch, which are located on the back of the amp. The amp has both High and Low inputs. As I discovered, you can also run your acoustic electric guitar through the Low gain input with great results.

Like all great guitar amplifiers, the PT 14 is extremely sensitive to the instrument and pickups being run through it. The tone stack on the amp really does behave differently depending on what’s being plugged into it. In a world full of cookie-cutter, mass-produced amps, I definitely found this to be a refreshing experience. This is an extremely musical amp. It’s as Leo Fender would have approved and as artists like Keith Richards have noted – it’s the other half of the instrument. In short, I can’t in think of another amp I’ve played through that completes an electric guitar the way this one does.

With the volume control set to about 3 o’clock you get a great Fender bell-like shimmer tone. To be fair, it’s a little different sounding then a vintage Fender amp. The sound is, for lack of a better way to describe it, more clear and bell-like. After that, as you turn up the volume, you start to get breakup from the custom designed 1×12 Eminence speaker. The breakup, up as I felt it, was pushing the amp but never sounded “fizzy”, just plenty of punch and a tight, distorted – yet controlled sound. The amp is plenty loud enough for a small to medium sized club gig without any external microphone on it. You can use your guitar’s volume control to dial back the amp breakup a lot more effectively than I’ve seen on amplifiers this size.

I can see where all the Christian artists I noted above would have fallen in love with this amp as being perfect for church venues. Actually, we used this particular amp at our NAMM Night of Worship with Dave Cleveland on guitar. Dave just used one pedal (a T1M overdrive) and through a very nice PA Yamaha provided for the event. The amp (and Dave Cleveland’s guitar playing) cut through the mix and sounded great!

Also available at time of order is an optional dedicated footswitch output for the reverb and tremolo and FAT Circuit. You can also order an external speaker output configurable to different cabinet ratings (4,8, or 16 ohms). I would have liked to have seen at least a Reverb and Tremolo footswitch (or at least the output jacks for same) as standard, but that aside, this a professional grade guitar amplifier ready to go to your next gig or studio session.

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