My New Favorite Song

I dropped the term “my favorite song” a long time ago. I’ve had a lot of them this year already… “Blameless” by Dara Maclean and “This I Believe” by Matt Crocker and Ben Fielding have both been so impactful in our church. Not sure why this song slipped under my radar for a couple of years, but I just recently found More and More of You by Jennie Lee Riddle, Ritchie Fike, and Jonathan Lee. What an amazingly powerful song!

I quickly sent it out to my team to learn and worked at home on recording some stems/tracks to fill up the song when we play it live. The original key is “B,” but we learned it in the key of “A.” As I’ve mentioned in a previous article, using the Short-Cut capo is a great idea for recording guitar layers. I chose to lay down two tracks, one track playing out of the “E” position with a 6-string capo on 5 and the Short-Cut on 7, and one track playing out of the “A” position with the Short-Cut on 2. Both of these examples are in the key of “A.” (To play in the original key, move both examples up 2 frets) I believe the easiest way to memorize a song is to remember each progression by song section- verse, chorus, bridge. This is how I learned it. Here are the progressions for “More and More of You” in the key of “A.”

Verse:  F#m7 | E | D2 (Repeat)  A/C# | D2 | E (Repeat)

Chorus: D2 | A | F#m7 | E (Repeat)  A/C# | D2 | E | F#m7 (Bm going to the Bridge)

Bridge: Bm | F#m7 | E | D2 | A | E | Bm7 | F#m7 | E | D2

When playing in the key of “A” with the Short-Cut capo on fret 2, simply use the second row of chord shapes. To play out of the “E” position with capos on frets 5 and 7, you’ll need to transcribe into the key of “E” or use the number system.

Just a word of encouragement…the Short-Cut capo really simplifies guitar playing for leading worship. As I mentioned earlier, I believe it’s helpful to memorize a song by sections. It’s important in leading people to have your music memorized. In fact, a friend on Instagram just tagged me today. The picture was of all his music stands in a closet and his caption read, “lead from your heart, not from a page…music stands belong back stage on Sunday!!” Now, I’d rather see a stand than hear a bunch of wrong chords! If you look at the chart above, with the Short-Cut capo, you’ve only got seven shapes to learn. If you’re one of the guitar players who struggle with memorizing music, this method could really help you!

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