Scarlet Fade: Worship

With early influences listed as Switchfoot, Flyleaf, and Paramore, three-piece sibling band, Scarlet Fade, who hail from Watertown Connecticut, have put out a few albums under an indie label since 2008 and now they are poised to make a larger impact on the music industry. Their new release, Worship, finds the band leaving their rock roots behind, ushering in a pop-worship sound like Hillsong Young & Free and Shinebright.

The 29-minute EP starts off with three dance-ready and youth-friendly pop songs, “Can’t Get Enough,” “Faithful,” and “Fortress.” The cheerfulness that permeates these first three songs can largely be attributed to the infectious guitar and synth hooks as well as the trio’s joyful vocals.

“Til I See,” “You Remain,” and “Take Me To The Cross” take a shift towards a slower pop/rock worship sound that works pretty well for the band, but is still held back by safe execution. Their radio single, “You Remain,” is the highlight of these three, speaking of the everlasting endurance of God’s grace over a delicate piano and soft guitars. The album closes with a jump back to the sugary pop sound from the first half of the album, and possibly the best offering of the bunch, “Wilderness.”

Though each song is catchy and vibrant, this album is a bit light on theological and scriptural depth. To their credit, young listeners–who are clearly the target audience here–will enjoy being able to sing along quickly while learning about some basic foundations of the Christian faith such as God’s grace and love. I applaud Scarlet Fade for taking a risk and attempting to reach out to a different group with the Gospel. I hope that as they grow, their music will grow as well, but even still, any fan of youthful energetic pop music will be a good candidate to enjoy this release.

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