Travis Ryan: Until My Voice Is Gone

Former Saddleback church Worship leader, Travis Ryan, is an inspiring worship leader and song writer who has been blessing the church with his robustly written brand of biblically rich worship offerings since 2012. Travis currently serves the local church as head worship pastor of Lifechurch in Smyna, Tennessee. His second full-length live worship album, Until My Voice Is Gone, is actually a combination of two EP’s that were recorded over two nights at his home church earlier this year. This album is full of powerful and authentic songs of worship. The recordings are meant to embolden and inspire the Church, and to be a shining testament to God’s faithfulness through both the beautiful and the tragic circumstances of Ryan’s own life and the journey God has providentially led him on.

“Until My Voice Is Gone,” the title track, proclaims the desire to worship God with all we have. This song is prime for radio play with it’s Chris Tomlin-esq hook laden chorus and driving guitars.

“Never Give Up On Me” speaks of God’s unrelenting love. The song was written to express the redemption God offers even when we are most undeserving of it, while praising God for his unending faithfulness.

The most well written song on the album is “Forever Holy,” which is a contemplative ballad that reminds us that authentic worship comes from a heart that has been confronted with the truth of the Gospel. I love the idea he presents in the chorus that our worship continues both in this life and next, and that God alone is worthy of it all.

Many of these songs are written out of Ryan’s personal life experience and walk with Christ. Case in point is the string-laden “The Goodness of the Lord,” which is Ryan’s own prayer of thanksgiving to God for bringing his grandfather to Christ late in life. “Holy Spirit” is a sung invitation for the Spirit of God to rain down on His people and to fill them up. The string section in the middle of this song is absolutely gorgeous.

Travis Ryan was relatively unknown to me before this review, but I can tell you that I was thoroughly impressed with his vocal ability and the spiritual depth of his songs. Even though most of these songs were a bit dry on musical originality, Ryan’s passionate vocals and the sincerity of his writing make this collection of songs a must have for every worship leader.

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