Kevin Michael Sable Guitar

Key Features

  • 40 lbs.
  • 5″ Scale
  • 41 3/4″ Overall Length
  • 4″ Body Depth
  • 14 Frets to the Body
  • 20 Frets Overall
  • 1 3/4″ Nut Width
  • 2 3/16″ String Spacing at Bridge
  • Cantilevered Neck
  • Nickel Fret Wire

Price: MSRP $3299 / MAP  $2999 case & feedback buster included


Innumerable Worship leaders, Country stars, and studio musicians have come to depend on their beloved McPherson acoustics. In a desire to produce a more affordable instrument sans compromise, Matt McPherson enlisted the help of composite guitar aficionado Ellis Seal to develop the Kevin Michael line. The Sable draws upon all that the McPherson team learned in working with Ellis, and features a number of Matt McPherson’s innovations in working with composites post Seal’s return to the aerospace world.


The Sable is nearly identical in specs to McPherson’s esteemed 4” deep Camrielle, but is far more affordable for the ordinary Worship musician. The L.R. Baggs under-saddle pickup is custom EQ’d for Kevin Michael guitars and does a brilliant job of capturing the essence of this fabulous instrument.

Carbon Fiber

Unlike wood, carbon fiber is not susceptible to changes in climate and humidity. If you happen to own two guitars of the same make and model, it is pretty easy to tell that it is the variation in wood that makes them different. The McPherson team has spent a considerable amount of time perfecting the recipe of materials tonally speaking, making for a line of instruments that are sonically consistent and wonderfully musical.

Tone and Dynamics

The Sable features McPherson’s iconic offset soundhole and cantilevered neck to deliver maximum response from the top. The consistency of volume and tone from string to string is excellent, sans wood-born dead spots or wimpy high E strings. The dynamic range of this instrument makes for an exhilarating play, allowing you to make the most of right hand dynamics without the instrument disappearing when you get quiet, or getting boomy when you play hard.

The Feel

The “soft V” neck profile is perfect for chords of all types including those using the thumb in the bass. The back of the carbon fiber neck is grab-free and feels much like a satin finish. The back edge of the body is slightly rounded, and the overall weight of 5.4 pounds makes for an instrument that you can–and want to play for hours on end. And if you’re looking for speed, this guitar’s got it and even includes a second saddle cut for even lower action.

Intonation and Tuning

Kevin Michael guitars feature patented Tusq nuts and saddles that are compensated to address the intonation challenges many of us encounter on open position chords, and as we climb the neck. In combination with ultra-smooth Hipshot tuners, this guitar gets in tune easily and loves to stay there.

The Proof and the Pudding

To really experience this guitar, you just need to hear it. If you’re reading the print version of this review, I strongly encourage you to download the Layar app and watch the below video. This instrument is amazing!

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