Teenagers are busy! Between study, sport, family and Instagram they have a wide variety of things competing for their time and attention. Often they are reliant upon parents to help keep them on track, and if they have siblings then it gets even more complicated.

Think about it, the most precious thing we have is time and of all the different ministries in a church, the worship team usually costs us the most. First its the time to learn the songs, then the time to rehearse. Then being early to set up gear for a service, not to mention the time it takes to pack that same gear away.

Knowing this, we as leaders should do everything in our power to prepare our people to win. This means giving access to worship sets (in the correct key) should be at minimum one week in advance giving people the best opportunity to succeed.


I constantly look to be developing these three areas within the people that I lead. Their gift, ability to lead and their heart. You could have someone that is out of this world talented but is driven by an unhealthy motive. Likewise someone could have a great heart but lack the leadership to take the congregation and the team to where God wants it to go. As a leader it is my job to be conscious of all three of these area’s ensuring healthy growth.


Gift refers to their talent. After all God deserves nothing less than our very best. So as leaders, it is our job to create onramps for people to join the team. This means giving and taking lessons and lots of practice. Think oven not microwave when it comes to this area.


Leadership is the unsung hero of a worship team. It’s the reason some teams do and do not progress to their next level. Leadership gives vision, direction and a plan to execute.


There is no such thing as a spiritual gift of guitar. Its an instrument that we use to express our heart towards God. Your ability to play an instrument might get you on the stage but it’s a pure heart that will keep you there.


Having a healthy balance of all three areas, cultivates an environment for success. After all who wouldn’t want someone on their team that is ridiculously talented, humble and able to lead people into the presence of God.

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