Key Features

  • Free Remote Control App
  • 4 Different Models
  • Expertly Crafted

Street priced from $279 – $679

If you’ve spent a lot of time tracking electric guitars in the studio, you know that getting a great sound is as much about where you place the mic as it is the sound coming out of your amp. Imagine if you will, a remote control device that enables you to rotate or slide the mic from left to right, forwards and backwards, and create up to six presets that you can toggle between from the comfort of your mixing desk. Dream no longer, because the DynaMount has arrived. To truly understand how cool this device is, we’ll want to address a few ins and outs about mic’ing guitar amps.


Guitar amps are best captured loud, and to know exactly what I’m trying to capture I usually have to spend a little time with my head directly in front of the speakers. While it’s not great for the ears, it does a lot for making sure you’ve got the sound you want, and knowing what the sound you’re trying to capture… actually sounds like. A great place to start with is a Shure SM57  at a 90-degree angle, an inch away from the speaker grille, focusing the mic on the edge of the dust cap located at the center of the speaker. Moving the mic closer to the center of the speaker makes things brighter, and moving it away makes things darker. The closer you place the mic to the sound source, the bigger it tends to sound because of the proximity effect. As you move the mic away from the amp it starts to sound smaller and you start to introduce some of the sound from the room, none of which is a bad thing, especially with the right mic.


Because of the massive flexibility the X1-R offers in terms of mic placement it is especially valuable if you reamp. In case you didn’t know, reamping allows you to capture a raw DI performance of the guitar and feed it back to the amp so you can continue to tweak the tone at any time during the production process. Most of the time people reamp one track at a time with the mic at the same location. The X1-R makes it easy to use a single performance to create seamless double tracked guitars simply by moving the mic from left to right, taking advantage of the tonal change as you move away from the dust cap. I used this approach to create a triple-tracked funk part where I hard panned the two bassier tracks and put the brighter track in the center, pulling the volume on that one back a bit. The end result was a giant guitar sound that was perfectly in sync across the stereo field. The best part was I didn’t have to leave my chair to move the mic. This approach would be equally effective for recording heavy guitar tracks.


There is a free DynaMount remote control app download for mobile devices or desktop computers, and it uses WiFi or USB. If your wireless router is a ways from your studio, you’ll probably want to buy a router for your studio. Or you can use the desktop application via USB, which also works like a charm. Either way, the app is well designed, intuitive to use, and a joy to operate.


Besides the obvious ingenuity in design, the X1-R is expertly crafted. The mic smoothly glides or turns in any direction on a “common plane”, and an optional accessory pack enables you turn the unit on its side for vertical movement if need be.


The DynaMount is available in four models:

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