Awesome Accessories

Instrument accessories are something most of us can afford, and they tend to make our musical journey more fun and hopefully give us more tone options as well.

The new GO:Mixer from Roland has four ¼ inch inputs, two mini line inputs, one mini monitor output and a USB output to your iPhone/iPad/Android for recording! It looks a video game control and is small and light enough to fit in a gig bag or backpack easily. This device is amazing and perfect for upgrading the sound of your videos, cutting demos, or just saving song ideas, and it’s only $99 street!

Your instrument is your baby, so Ernie Ball has developed the Cradletune! It is a tripod with a swivel top and large display, easy-to-read tuner. Just lay down your instrument clip in the headstock of your favorite guitar, bass, uke, or oud, and start tuning! At only $29.99 street you can still afford some new Ernie Ball Paradigm strings too!

R&M Tone Technology wants to juice up your tone with their new Power Wire guitar cables. Four models are currently offered: Two for boost, a frequency enhancer model, and TS09 for distortion. A small battery in one of the ¼ inch jacks makes Power Wires work, and the review cables were sturdy, had no noise, and boosted the signal. Street price is $149, but they’re still cheaper than a set of boutique pickups or another amp!

3 Monkeys builds incredible amplifiers and cabinets, and now they’re in the cable business too! The DC solderless pedal power basic kit comes with: 6 – 2.1mm DC solderless plugs, custom heatshrink tubing, and six feet of cable. They can be used with most of the popular pedal power supplies, are made in America, and prices start at $48.99 at 3 Monkeys website.

Have you ever played on an outdoor stage and you couldn’t tell if your pedals, much less your tuner, were on due to the direct sunlight? Me too! Meet the Pedal Shade, currently only offered in one model: the PSB1, and designed to shade light from your Boss style guitar pedals. It is made of simple corrugated plastic with one Velcro fastener, and it folds flat for storage. At only $9.95 per Pedal Shade they are cheaper than an Eclipse and easier to pack.

Graph Tech just released Dry n’ Glide, which rolls on like antiperspirant for your hands but is designed to eliminate moisture that is stuck on your instrument and hardware. It definitely made my hand move with less friction on the guitar neck so I could play faster, and it’s only $7.61. Check out Graph Tech’s new Tusq picks too.

Onboard Research just released two new products: The Intellitouch P10s Easy Strobe clip on tuner for $29.95, with a big, easy-to-read screen, a built in digital clock, and the ability to handle capo translations; and the Go Tune AppClip GT1, which works with any tuner app. Simply plug it into the earbud jack and it converts your smartphone into a clip-on tuner for only $12.95.


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