• Comes in 3 options: AC, Clean, Rock
  • 50 Watts of Power
  • Nutube Vacuum Tubes

Street Price: $199


At NAMM this January I found an amp head that can sit comfortably on my pedal board! As a worship leader, I most often play acoustic, but periodically will lead with my electric guitar. We have no live monitors or amps on stage, and I’ve tried many different options trying to get the tone I want that works with our current setup. It’s been hard. I had resolved to use an oversized multi-effects board just to play one main tone through it.

Vox released the new MV50 series amp heads this past January with three options: AC, Clean, and Rock. Though the head kind of looks like a toy, it packs a punch! The MV50 has 50 watts of power with speaker and line outputs. It’s equipped with Nutube vacuum tubes (these are made to work like a normal 12AX7 tubes), weighs only one pound, and has analog circuit for controls. I picked up the AC model to use.

I’ve already mentioned the two outputs on the back; the line out has cabinet emulation for recording and/or performance. In addition, on the back of the AC head is a power switch, an ECO switch (for auto shut-off), impedance setting, and an EQ adjustment (flat or deep). The impedance setting switches between 4, 8, and 16 ohms to match whatever speaker cabinet is connected to the head.

To test out the MV50, I disconnected the ¼ output from my Bugera Vintage 55 amp and plugged the Vox directly into that speaker. Then I also took an old Crate amp that I almost threw away years ago and removed all of the amp parts… salvaging the speaker. Between these two speaker options, the MV50 settled in nicely with plenty of headroom. It responded well with plenty of chime for the clean tones expected from a Vox AC and a sweet break up when boosting the gain/drive a bit. For both the 12” Bugera and the 8” Crate speakers, there was a ton of “in your face” power.

On my pedal board, I regularly run my guitar signal into my volume pedal, into a chorus/delay and then to my D.I.  I’ve added an A/B switch to switch between the D.I. for my acoustic signal and the MV50 so that I can now switch between acoustic and electric and use the same guitar input. All fit quite nicely on my pedal board and looks fantastic! Last night at rehearsal, I made all connections and tested it with my church system and was really pleased. This is actually what I purchased this Vox for! I needed to get the tone I’m looking for without a taking up a big footprint or forcing me to have an off-platform cabinet/amp. Check the embedded video to see and hear this setup between the cabinets and the church application.

I am totally stoked to now have a simple option to switch between acoustic and electric in service. I’m completely pleased with the tone options I have through this Vox and, for the price, I may just get another one for practicing at home. Street price on all three tone options is $199.99.

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