In the May article, we discussed the “behind the scenes” of coordinating musical parts with your worship band members and how to get them to have effective practice for your event. If you are following the format that we have suggested in the last 2 articles, you should now be looking forward to your first live event with your new youth worship team!

Bonding with the students: At least twice a month, we get the entire band together for Bible studies, movie nights, or game nights. These extra events bond the band together and create lifelong friendships and healthy relationships.

On our outdoor game nights, we invite the entire family (usually volleyball or something like that). We have a blast! It helps us get to know the parents and the families, and has been such a huge blessing to us personally. On Bible study nights, we invite the band only, as we will spend time studying God’s Word together and discuss how that impacts leading worship. This is a great time to pour into the students and help them in their understanding of why worship is so important to the church, and to them personally.

Here are some great steps in making sure that your first live worship event, and those to follow, is the best that it can be:


If you are not a proficient sound tech, get a qualified tech that is easy to work with. They should be comfortable with you being in the “producer” type position, and them being the “engineer”. Since you have been working so closely with all of your musicians and singers, you know the material, and you will be able to communicate with them how best to mix sound for your event. You should have the option to move faders as well. You will want to have the tech booked for both the sound set up, group class, and the main event.

  • Group class is where you bring all of your musicians and singers together and teach them how to work together as a unit, as well as coach them individually in a group setting. Each student will now hear how their individual parts fit together in the big picture.


Find a volunteer to video your event who is comfortable with basic video camera functions. Have them at the group class as well as the main event. You will want to video the final run through at the group class and let your students see it before the live event. They will get to hear how well they’re executing their parts (and what they look like doing it), and it gives them a few days to make any final tweaks or corrections.

  • Side note: We think it’s best to not allow music stands on stage, but to have the singers and musicians learn the songs by memory.  This will greatly increase their musicality, presence, and comfort on stage.

At one of our recent group classes, the youngest student (keyboardist & vocalist) was really into the music, bouncing around and mouthing the words to the songs. It was the cutest thing EVER! I pointed out to the rest of the students (that were trying to read charts for the section they hadn’t memorized yet) that she was so confident that she was really leading and looked like the pro. Remind them that the more they study and memorize, the more they can lead worship with confidence and conviction.


Outreach concerts or special events: Have the band look at the dress attire of pop Christian artists such as Newsboys, Skillet, Lauren Daigle, etc. for dress and style ideas. Encourage them to find their own personal style and to have fun with different accessories, hats, shoes, etc. They will love this!

Congregational church worship: It’s best to stick with solid colors, and no prints, patterns, or logos. No hats, sunglasses, etc. They can still have their own personal style, though, and you should encourage this. Remind them that they are leading others to worship God, and their goal is to bring Him attention and glory.


This will be one of the MOST valuable tools for your youth worship team ministry. They will be able to see and hear everything for themselves. Talk them through every aspect, from dress attire, posture, transitions, etc. Are the vocalists connecting with the congregation and really leading? Do the musicians look confident as well as executing the parts properly? The video won’t lie!

May God bless you as you continue to pour into the next generation of worshipers!

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