In an upcoming issue of [WM] you’ll get a chance to meet Michael Woodward and Grant Klassen from Goodwood Audio, the masterminds who designed and built Hillsong guitarists Michael Guy Chislett, Dylan Thomas, and Nigel Hendroff’s brand new pedalboards. They also manufacture the custom junction boxes vital to the sonic integrity and routing options these players require.



Guitar > Junction Box (Alliance Starbird) >
Diamond Comp Jr > ZVEX Super H-RD On>
Hilton Pro Volume Pedal > Cusack Music PBT

1: Audition Loop. Also serves as a direct out for acoustic
2: Ibanez TS-808
3: Cusack Scream
4: Teletronix Mulholland Drive
5: Moog MF-108M Chorus
6: Boss DD-5
7: Moog MF-104M Analog Delay > Death By Audio Dream 2
8: EHX Holy Grail > Hologram Electronics Dream Sequence
9: Meris Mercury7 Reverb

Sonic Research ST-300 Tuner fed by PBT tuner send.

Mono output to junction box (GWA logo) which internally splits to dual mono and provides ground lift and phase correction options.

The Party Trick.
“Track In” on the input junction is an XLR jack which is for connecting to the laptop used for running tracks. Imbedded in the track for each song is a dedicated click which sets tempo on the Selah Effects Quartz Timer. The Quartz then sends this tempo via midi and analog jacks to the Dream Sequence, DD-5 and MF-104M. This means Michael doesn’t have to tap tempo; it’s all handled by the tracks laptop and Quartz. Particularly useful for songs like Oceans that change tempo mid song.

Board powered by Strmon Zuma and Ojai (hidden under the Moogs).

Hillsong United’s DYLAN THOMAS


Guitar > Junction Box (LMT/Flower) >
Sonic Research ST-300 Tuner > Junction Box > Split to Acoustic Send with Mute > Split to Board >
Diamond Compressor > ZVEX Super H-RD On > Hilton Pro Volume > PBT

1: Ibanez TS9
2: Teletronix Mulholland Drive
3: Death By Audio Micro Harmonic Transformer > Cusack Music Screamer Fuzz
4: Moog MF-108M Chorus
5: Cusack Tap-A-Delay Deluxe
6: Boss DD-5
7: DD-5
8: Source Audio Nemesis > TC Electronic Ditto
9: Fox Pedal Magnifica > EHX Holy Grail

Mono send to output junction which internally splits to dual mono and provides ground lift and phase correction options.

Dylan’s board has the same “party trick” as Michael’s.
All tempo is handled by the Selah Effects Quartz Timer which receives a click from the tracks laptop.

Board powered by Strymon Zuma and Ojai.

Both boards measure 850mm x 500mm and in their cases come in just shy of 32 kgs.
Custom trays and cases provided by Pedalboards by Caseman

Hillsong Worship’s NIGEL HENDROFF


Guitar plugs into a box underneath the Sonic Research Turbo Tuner. Signal passes directly to the first Jackson Audio Prism > Ohmless Yara and back to the input box. Signal is actively split to feed the tuner and input of the RJM Mastermind PBC.

1: EHX Synth 9/ Micro POG
2: Second Prism
3: Selah Effects Scarlett Love v3
4: Chase Bliss Brothers
5: EHX Super EGO
6: Boss DD-5
7: (stereo) – Eventide H9
8: (stereo) – Strymon Timeline
9: (stereo) – Strymon Big Sky
10: (stereo) – Meris Mercury7

Follow THIS LINK for a DEEP DIVE on the routing for ‘Droff’s new board.

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