Perception: An observation and interpretation based chiefly off of memory.

Kingdom Perception: An observation and interpretation based chiefly off of….faith.

by Blue Amber

Our perceptions as creative photographers are a huge key to taking a photograph and not only creating a visual memory from it, but also capturing the emotion of the subject, and in turn, the feeling of the viewer. Anyone can go up to a camera and push the shutter release button to take a photo. So, how do you get an extraordinary experience when a viewer looks at our work? And how does our faith come through in our creativity?

It’s completely true, not just from a photographer’s perspective, but from a life perspective, that whatever you focus on is what develops. It’s been scientifically proven. If you constantly focus on negative thoughts, images, and situations, you will tend to find more of that in your life because that’s what you are focused on. You are observing a negative situation and interpreting with negative feelings, which your mind turns into a negative memory. When you operate out of your faith, a “Kingdom Perception”, you pre-decide what your focus is going to be on no matter what the situation or image is in front of you.

As creative photographers, our faith allows us the opportunity for God to work through us, and He allows us to tap into a whole realm of spiritual creativity that we didn’t even know was possible. All of a sudden, we see ordinary things, like a lone oak tree in a big field, and instead of just seeing a tree in the ground surrounded by grass, we see the light that is glistening off of the leaves and how that light is streaming through the branches and creating shadows. We begin to measure in our minds what that is going to look like at 7:00 am, at 12:00 pm, and which direction the sun is going to set in the evening to get us that “golden hour” look that we crave. We know, by just measuring in light, what someone’s perception will be when they view that image. As photographers, we measure not in inches and meters, but in color, in light, in shadows, and in emotion. How amazing would it be if someone’s observation and interpretation of what is going on in the photo inspired them forward in their own faith?

by Blue Amber

So, how do you do it? Every photographer knows the ‘rule of thirds’. It is applied in your photo by aligning your subject with imaginary guidelines and intersecting points that looks like a grid over your photo. You are allowing linear features in your photo to draw your eye from section to section. That’s the technical rule of thirds. But there is a deeper ‘rule of thirds’ that takes your image from ordinary to extraordinary.

These deeper ‘thirds’ are: Creativity, Focus, and Development.

It’s important, as a creative, to constantly surround yourself with creative things in order to keep your focus on what is going to develop your work and take your creativity to new heights. Stretch yourself and your perceptions of other people and their creativity.

As a photographer, focus on your faith. By surrounding yourself with that, and other artists, musicians, writers, actors, speakers, and painters that God has already placed in your life, all of a sudden you will see with an extended lens.

And that lone tree in the field down the road… it will go from ordinary to extraordinary.

by Blue Amber

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