• Beautiful sounding Ambient Pedal
  • Four Modes of Delay with Reverb
  • True Bypass or Buffered Trail mode
  • Compact and easy to use


We are in the era of the killer ambient guitar sounds! Brian Wampler is known as one of the best at making pedals for guitar players in search of that ultimate tone.

The Ethereal Pedal is his newest offering, revealed at Summer NAMM.


All Wampler Pedals come in a trendy drawstring bag within a cool gray box. I like that his pedals are California built in the good ole’ USA. The build quality is top notch, including knobs, jacks, and internal components. On the top of the pedal are five knobs: Delay, Feedback, Tone, Delay Mix, and Reverb Mix. There’s a Delay Mode toggle switch, tempo LED, and On LED. On the side is a Trails switch that goes between True Bypass and Buffered Bypass, allowing trails to continue naturally when switched off. On the front side of the pedal are mono In & Out and a BOSS type Power Jack that can take 9v or 18v DC. I opened the unit up to find no internal battery. This is designed for your pedalboard. I also like the Turquoise color with the subtle angel wings imprinted under the logo.


First of all, this pedal is simple and easy to use. It’s a no brainer to quickly get a lot of cool variables. To me, the soul of the Ethereal is in the Delay functions. The Delay range is 10Ms to 1 second. FYI: one second would be a 1/4 note delay at 60BPM. With the Mix all the way up, the delay volume is almost equal to the original. Feedback goes from 1x to infinite Oscillation. I love the Delay Mode. It’s really unique. After the original 1/4 note Delay, the second Delay is either Triplet, Dotted ¼, or 1/8th. This effectively is like two delay pedals in one. Having both adds depth and complexity for that Ambient vibe. I do miss having a Tap, but since it’s designed for Ambience, it’s not as big a deal. The Reverb is a really nice and rich plate algorithm. Similar to the Delay Mix, when it’s all the way up you can still hear the original guitar sound. Setting the Delay at 1 second I could hear that the reverb tail at max is about 7 seconds, with or without Delays in the mix. The Tone knob takes the Delay and Reverb from dark and dreamy to what I’d call vintage modern. I like how you can have this ambient mix of delay and reverb tastefully going on underneath what you are playing. It adds a complexity and ambience that can be either “What is that cool thing going on in the background?” to an overwhelming but controlled oscillation washed in reverb. Both effects sound great by themselves. Together with a Compressor & Volume pedal up front, I got the most amazing swells. There isn’t a bad setting on this thing, it’s very musical. The Manual has eight preset examples. I recommend checking them all out. I was impressed at all the possibilities available with such a seemingly simple and straightforward design.


There are a lot of pedals doing unique things these days, and Ethereal belongs on that list. It does all the stuff you want to get a beautiful Ambient sound, it’s at an affordable price, and it uses minimal real estate on your board. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending this pedal. Two thumbs up! Ethereal lists for $199.97. For more information go to:

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