Rechargeable Battery
Silent Switching
Thin and Lightweight

Street $69.00

As performing musicians, it is virtually impossible to read your music/lyrics on a smartphone or tablet and turn the pages while you are playing. Thankfully AirTurn has created a variety of portable and rechargeable foot pedal devices ideal for controlling our electronics.

Their latest release is the new PEDpro footswitch designed to interface through Bluetooth 4.0 with computers and tablets. Made in the USA the PEDpro has a vast assortment of features in a small lightweight package. Measuring 6” x 4” it features two rubber membrane footswitches that provide silent scrolling and page changes.

It comes with a USB cable to charge the lithium battery which lasts up to 150 hours and is good for 2000 charges. On the right top of the pedal is a virtual keyboard to access iOS apps and to power it off and on. The red battery light shows the charge and the blue reflects the Bluetooth connection.

PEDpro has six modes, is customizable and is updatable for new features and firmware through the MicroUSB link cable. The footswitch can control your favorite music manipulation apps for iPad, Android, Mac or Windows. The rechargeable battery feature, the silent switching and the thin light weight size are big wins with this unit.

Street price on the AirTurn PEDpro is only $69.00 for a quality product that will make lyric and music reading a breeze. It will fit easily into your music or gig bag for the next gig or rehearsal!

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