Some songs come across my playlist and are repeated so much that if they were on vinyl, would be completely worn out! I first found Iron Bell Music when “God That Saves” popped up on my Spotify playlist. I replayed that song until their record finally dropped and then I was captured by track #3, “Belong To You.” What a timely, prophetic message! “The enemy can’t take what I have, change who I am, I belong to You!” This was a message that I was certain would resonate with my church, and with such a singable melody, I was anxious to chart it out for the band as soon as possible. Just in listening to the song, I knew it would sound great with the Short-Cut capo.

Iron Bell recorded the song in the key of “D,” which is too high for me to lead comfortably. The chart on is written in the key of “C” with a capo on fret 2. When playing the key of “C” with the Short-Cut capo, place a full capo on fret 3 and the Short-Cut on fret 5 and play “A” chords from the Short-Cut capo chord shapes below. The Short-Cut capo is shown in BLUE on the diagrams. If you want to play in the recorded key of “D,” place a full capo on 5 and the Short-Cut capo on 7.

Check out the video and I encourage you to learn the song and incorporate it into your rotation of songs…and while you’re at it, grab ahold of the rest of Iron Bell Music’s tunes!

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