Each year we gather a list of cool gifts that we would like to get ourselves this Christmas season. To offer you a well-rounded perspective, we have asked several of our [WM] writers to give some suggestions (and we added our own as well). Post this on your refrigerator or on the worship team’s rehearsal room walls.

Jon Nicol

Pro Co – Panic Button
MAP $146.99

If you’re running in-ears with your band, the music director or leader needs this. It switches to a mic that can run to your sound booth or your team’s in-ears. To the drummer: “We’re off the click.”  To the lead guitarists: “It’s the altar call, quit shredding!”

Martin – OM-28 Retro
MAP $3,659.00

It’s been on my Christmas list for a few years now. I played it next to a similarly priced guitar from another maker. Unplugged, both were amazing. Plugged in, this thing buried the competition. Fishman Aura VT Enhance electronics.

Eric Dahl

TC Electronic – UnitTune Clip Tuner
MAP: $24.99

I always need another clip-on tuner and this is a perfect stocking stuffer.
The UniTune is great for tuning all of my instruments and the display is easy to read even on a snowing night!

Mighty Bright Light – DuoFlex Music Stand Light
MAP $33.74

There is no greater challenge than trying to read the charts to everyone’s favorite Christmas Carols in dim light. The new DuoFlex has dual dimmable led lights that clip your music stand or book and will light the way to more great music. Also fits in the stocking easily and the bendable goosenecks are great!

Robert Berman

Strymon – Big Sky Reverberator

Incredible flexibility in customizing a dozen reverb settings, from halls to plates to chorale or synth pad sounds. Hundreds of presets. Exploring this will keep you busy for a while!

Jeremie Murfin

PRS (Paul Reed Smith) – Vela
MAP: $1,349

My friend has a Vela and it sounds awesome every time I hear it. I think they look cool, especially that special run of reclaimed wood edition they did earlier this year. Surprisingly versatile and beautiful guitar.

Bridge City Sound – Boost Pedal
MAP $169

I love what Caleb and Bridge City are doing with amps, but this is an awesome boost pedal. They have some unique ideas and a design ethic that tries to give you a versatile sounding product with simple but intuitive controls. I like that.

Pelican Noiseworks – Pelitaur
MAP $190

What a brilliant idea! It is isn’t a transparent overdrive; it’s a really hard, aggressive, intuitive, articulate, insane fuzz pedal.

Nicole Hickman

I Want That Sound – Holiday Pack
MAP Retail: $15.00

While this library of Holiday sounds is not a traditional piece of gear, having pre-recorded, killer sounding percussion elements loaded and ready to go on the SPD-SX gives me the confidence to play just about any Christmas song. As a bonus, it also allows me to put a little Christmas vibe on any song we play during the month of December.

Sonor – Jojo Mayer Perfect Balance Single Bass Drum Pedal
MAP: $299.00

Love the balance and action of this pedal! Super smooth. Plus, it folds up into a little bag for excellent travel! I bring it with me everywhere we go!

D’Addario Planet Waves –
Circuit Breaker Instrument Cable with Latching Cut-Off Switch,
Right Angle Plug, 20 ft.

MAP: $31.99

Lots of situations I face need me to be able to plug in, play, and pull the plug on my guitar, all while making eye contact with the front of house before I do anything with my instrument cable. With the built-in circuit breaker that acts as a mute switch in this cable, I can safely plug in, or pull the plug on my guitar without ever sending a dreaded pop or buzz through the system.

Lance & Michelle Shepherd

Rolls PM351 Personal Monitor – for instruments $78.00
Rolls PM50 S Personal monitor – for vocalists $60.00
Rolls MSC106 Mic Stand Clip for PM50s, PM55, PM351 $20.00

We love these because if you’re a musician or vocalist that does many gigs it’s a way to have your own (more me) mix without bothering your sound tech. It has a direct out (DI), a monitor in and 2 volume knobs on the front for your vocal or instrument and monitor mix in. What a great thing to have in your bag. Think of it as you mini Aviom in ear monitoring system! #3 is a clip that you can mount this on a mic or music stand for easy access. Plus, it fits in the palm of your hand! 

Roger Zimish

Vintage – VSA 500 Guitar
MAP $499.99

I have been looking for a well-built semi hollow body electric guitar, this one fits the bill. Trev Wilkinson is known for making great guitar parts and guitars, no wonder they have won best in show at several NAMM shows. I had to get one for myself.

TrueTone – Route 66
MAP: $179.95

Tone, overdrive and compressor in one pedal. Did I say TONE?

Daniel Hadaway

Bronco Boxes – License Plate Stomp Box
MAP: $179

There are many stomp boxes but this one has a great sound (controllable via a Low-Pass Filter Knob) and looks incredibly cool! I also prefer the shape and size of this stomp box over other, smaller stomp boxes.

Index Drums – Original Cajon Snare
MAP: $250

This is a hand-made cajon snare that sits directly in a regular snare stand. It has an incredible sound that’s perfect for “acoustic” sets of worship. It’s also lightweight and easy to carry around.

A&F Drum Co. – 5×14 Raw Brass Snare
MAP $900

This is simply the most versatile, best-sounding snare drum I’ve ever played. This is the one snare drum I take with me everywhere, and it really can do everything!

Mark Shelton

ATV – aFrame

The aFrame is a unique “electrorganic” frame drum.  A player can use conventional hand percussion techniques to produce sounds.

Grover Pro Percussion – Studio Pro Tambourine / German Silver

German Silver alloy jingles combine with a hardwood shell to produce a beautiful tone with both sustain and articulation.

Bruce Adolph

WalkaBout Drum Company – WalkaBout

Freedom for drummers and percussionists. More sounds than a traditional cajon. Truly a new and unique instrument.

Maton – SRS70c Acoustic/Electric Cutaway Guitar

Grade A Sitka Spruce top, Blackwood back & sides made in Australia. The AP5-Pro pick-up system sounds stellar. All the hallmarks of what worship leaders are looking for.

Nord – Stage 3 Compact Stage Keyboard

Classic piano, organ and synth sounds. The rounded tips on the keys give this hip keyboard a smooth feel perfect for fast organ and synth passages.

Worship Musician Magazine – Print Subscription
$35.95 for one year

A great resource for you and the entire worship team. 12 issues of great interviews, gear reviews and articles full of lessons and equipping.

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