Beautiful Eulogy: Worthy

The guys from Humble Beast Records have always been worthy of checking out, and their latest release is no exception, unleashing a torrent of confessional hip-hop to challenge and inspire. Where Lecrae’s and Propaganda’s excellent recent albums mix a high dose of social commentary into their rhymes, Beautiful Eulogy (Braille, Odd Thomas, and Courtland Urbano) stick to articulate explanations of Christian beliefs and their relevance in our daily lives. “If…” builds off of Job’s experience to examine our willingness to sacrifice for Christ. “Sovereign” takes aim at our tendencies either to mistrust God’s plans or to reduce them to a matter of abstract theological discussion. Album highlight “Messiah” examines modern idolatry over a sparse piano and guitar line: “I suppose what exposes the worship in most of us is a close look at our thoughts, fears, and emotions.” The production is clean, the diction is clear, and so is the message.

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