The Belonging Co.: All The Earth

  1. Zeal
  2. Mountaintops
  3. Fall
  4. Peace Be Still
  5. Fall Afresh
  6. Testimony
  7. Stay Here
  8. Greater Than All
  9. Here In Your Love
  10. Beautiful Story
  11. Floodgates
  12. You’re Not Finished
  13. Surely
  14. Hunger
  15. Closer To Your Heart
  16. All The Earth
  17. The Cross Has the Final Word

The Belonging Co. is the worship collective from The Belonging Church which is a relatively new church plant located in Nashville lead by Pastors Henry and Alex Seelers. They are meeting the Spiritual needs of a city filled with musicians who would not normally make a Sunday AM service because of late night gigs by doing their services on Sunday nights and Tuesdays. With such a musical community, The Belonging’s first album, All The Earth is unsurprisingly strong and features Grammy nominated singer Kari Jobe and husband Coby Carnes, Meredith Andrews, Lauren Daigle, and Sarah Reeves.

Thematically, the album finds it’s foundation in the hope that only our God can give and how He is our comfort in the midst of life’s struggles. Fans of Bethel, Jesus Culture and Elevation Worship will find this album a welcome addition.

“Zeal” kicks off the album in an energetic electronic tamber as Worship Pastor Henry Seely’s bright tenor cries out authentically to know the heart of God. “Mountaintops” follows and is one of the better cuts as this driving pop rocker reminds us about the depths to which we should strive to worship our God.

Meredith Andrews takes over the vocal duties on the ethereal sounding “Stay Here” which is a powerful reminder that when life gets unbearable, we need to remember to root ourselves in the Promises of God and to seek His heart because only He is faithful. The best song on the album however is “Peace Be Still” which is skillfully delivered by Grammy-Nominated singer, Lauren Daigle. This song is beautifully crafted and Is a glorious exploration of Jesus’ calming of the storm in Matthew 8 and how He still calms the storms in our lives today.

There are some standout moments on this debut album like the ones mentioned above and then there are songs that are too similar in arrangement and instrumentation that tend to run together. The mixing is above average for a live worship album and while the presentation seemed honest and vertical, lyrically it tended to leave me a bit flat in some spots as I felt like there were too many “What I am going to do for you God” moments instead of “What God has done for me” themes. That being said, this is still a great first offering.

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