• Tap tempo Control
  • Four selectable rhythmic subdivisions
  • True Bypass
  • Built in Modulation
  • External Tap in/out Jacks

List Price $239.97

When Brian Wampler comes out with a new pedal, I always want to know about it. The Doctor is a new Lo-Fi Delay pedal with modulation that is 100% Analog. It has the sound several other pedals aim to emulate. Brian and Telemaster Brad Paisley worked together to come up with something special.

The Presentation is great. The Doctor comes in a fabric drawstring bag inside a matching grey box, with the manual, stickers & rubber feet. Its Blue powder coated metal case has the subtle hint of a hospital building in the background.

On Top are six White Knobs: Mod Rate, Depth, Tone, Repeats, Delay Mix, and Delay Time. There are two Foot Switches with LEDs, for Tap and True Bypass. A third smaller Switch can choose delay sub-divisions: quarter, eighth, dotted eighth, and triplet, with LED indicators. On back are ¼” In and Out Jacks, and 2 mini Jacks for Tap in and out.

For power the Doctor has a typical BOSS type Jack and can run on 9 or 18 volts DC.

I started out simple with just pure delay and no modulation. I noticed the Tone knob seems to do several things at once. As you turn it up, the delays get more distorted, dark and washy, yet also really cool turned all the way down. You can also hear natural these high harmonics like an octave up come in as the delay fades. Not like a typical Shimmer effect, but much more subtle. I like it a lot because Shimmer can get overwhelming. When you turn the Delay Mix all the way up, its still never delay only. This tells me the vision of the pedal is designed to be more ambient, and not to overpower the original signal. It’s a true parallel mix knob. The exception is when you turn the Repeats up to oscillate. The Doctor goes nuts as it should. Also if you do set the pedal to oscillate, and then hit Bypass, it’s still going in the background when you turn it back on. I imagine that could be useful for live. With all knobs at 12:00 you get a beautiful vibey, reverb like wash in the background. Adding in Modulation, gives that nice swirl to the delays. Not like a Memory Man though, it’s got it’s own thing with much more attitude and gritty-ness. With a cable adapter, I was able to tap through to a second delay via the external Jacks. That’s a great feature. I love that it’s easy to change sub divisions with your foot. It’s a small switch however so you wouldn’t want to break it.

This is a fun musical pedal, and that’s something you can say about all Brian’s devices. It’s such a great ambience creator. When I put it on my live board, William the keyboard player immediately asked about it, and wanted to hear a demo. It’s perfect as a second delay, and can also be your Tap Master. There are pedals that are similar but nothing quite like the Doctor. I think you’re gonna love it.


  1. “The Doctor” as in Dr. Who! I’ll take it…something Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey. When you decide to part, I’ll take it off your hands!
    It even had the T.A.R.D.I S. WOW, nerd joy!

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