New Wine Worship: You Restore My Soul

New Wine Worship finds its home in the UK and is a worship collective born from the New Wine Church Network that, like many of its US counterparts like Bethel and Jesus Culture, puts on huge worship festivals that attract thousands year after year. Their latest live worship release, You Restore My Soul, features eleven songs that are along the same veins as Hillsong and Bethel, with a few standout tracks that you should definitely take notice of.
The opening track, “Pray,” which is led by worship leader and song writer Nick Herbert, is a high energy opener crying out for God’s kingdom to reign here on earth. Big anthemic keyboards, driving drums, and rockin’ electric guitars make this a great service opener full of passion and energy.

Other than Nick Herbert’s energetic vocals on the opening track, the women really keep this album afloat with songs like “Reckless Love,” “Yes and Amen,” and, what is probably one of the most creative adaptations of the 23rd Psalm I have ever heard, the honest and passionate title track, “You Restore My Soul.”

“What a Saviour” is a theologically strong piece with a great hook line and memorable melodies about the saving power of Christ’s resurrection, and “Nothing But Grace” is a creatively written mid-tempo ballad about how nothing but the grace of Christ can bring life and light into our lives.

You Restore My Soul was a bit of a roller coaster at times, with some of the songs being absolutely forgettable but then being followed up by tracks that caught my attention and prompted me to listen to the next, only to be slightly disappointed once again. The album as a whole isn’t bad, but I was a bit surprised at how truly far apart the good songs and bad songs were, as if they were just thrown together with little thought. That being said, there are three or four tracks that really stood apart and should find their way into your Sunday morning set list.

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