The Orchardist: People, People (Acts I,II, III)

This quintet is named after a 2012 novel, assembled at Belmont University and, when not making beautiful music of their own, curates a series of “supper and songs” evening events in Nashville. They have released three EPs totaling twelve tracks over the course of the last year, with a total of twelve songs for lovers of upbeat acoustic music. Sumptuous piano, fiddle, and mandolin lines weave in and out of every track. “Fall” is an delightful story-song allegory personifying a rebellious snowflake that first doesn’t want to fall, and then doesn’t want to land. “You don’t belong to you. Only devils think they do.” In the lively “Common Sense,” our narrator warns away those who would try to help her: “Never mind the dozen times I said that I was lonely.” This is gorgeous stuff mixing modern folk and newgrass in the spirit of Nickel Creek, while keeping the gospel neither trite nor hidden: “Jesus’ blood forgave my debt. He’s never failed me yet” (from “Drink It Down”). “All of Me” rejoices in the eschatological hope of the New Earth: “There’s a place for me when I die, but it won’t be in the sky.”

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