Plumb: Beautifully Broken

Take five tracks from last year’s God Help Me EP and add another six released this year, and you’ll have this album of modern pop goodness. Tiffany “Plumb” Arbuckle rode the wave of Christian AAA pop that included Jars of Clay and DC Talk, and she’s proved to be one of the few artists in that cohort that still find radio love today. The title track is a hopeful “You are loved” song of comfort that puts Arbuckle’s strong, yet compassionate voice front and center of a percussive mix. “Impossible” continues the theme of encouragement with a galloping St. Elmo’s Fire rhythm. “I Can Do This” delivers a minimalist, minor-key prayer for divine assistance. “Human” exhorts us to love our fellow men. The ballad “Sleepwalking” recalls the slower side of recent Taylor Swift, with a plaintive live string section playing off of synths and piano.

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