Tom Smith: Everyday

Soul Survivor has been the training ground for several significant worship leaders including Matt Redman, Tim Hughes, and Beth Croft. The latest worship prodigy to be released on the worship world is Tom Smith, who has been featured on Soul Survivor’s last two albums while releasing his first EP, Sound of Heaven in 2015.

Sounding like a young Martin Smith, Tom’s youthful vocals mixed with millennial EDM instrumentation make a nice combination for his second EP, entitled Everyday.
The title track gives us a glimpse into Smith’s soaring majestic vocals as he reminds us that God finds each of us in our sinfulness and, even though we constantly turn away from Him, He is always there waiting for us to return with arms wide open.

“You In My Life” follows and is a Youthful EDM-infused song of praise about how we can overcome every obstacle and weather every storm with Christ in our lives. “Jesus I Love You” brings us back to the basics of faith, and the arrangement mirrors the writing in this stripped back, admirable song thanking God for His love and grace.

“Christ is Risen” is inspiring as an Easter anthem that begins at the cross and takes us to the day of victory on Easter morning as Smith declares, “Christ is risen, death is beaten. Christ You overcame. It is finished, Hallelujah! Christ will come again.”

This was a great little EP with some surprises that I would definitely consider adding to my worship repertoire. For the most part these are solid, decently written songs, and the recording and arrangements have wonderful warmth and sparkle. With a little more seasoning and attention given to deepening his writing and taking a few more musical risks, Tom Smith could be joining the ranks of other great Soul Survivor artists sooner, rather than later.

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