Arranged to enhance congregational singing

I’m excited to share this first installment in a series of videos with the readers of Worship Musician Magazine. I believe that these instructional videos offer a valuable resource. They can assist you as you craft songs that invite your congregation to more readily find their own “voice” as they sing prayers, praises, and reminders of Gospel truths together.

In this installment, we’re focusing on vocals for the well-known, well-loved, and widely covered song “The Lion and The Lamb”. This is not intended to present yet another version of the song for your listening pleasure. Instead, these videos demonstrate a musical approach, applied specifically with congregational participation as the highest priority.

First, watch the whole song rendition of “Lion And The Lamb” performed by my Nashville band. We’re playing and singing the song in a way that, we believe, most congregations will find inviting and singable.

Next, watch a tutorial video for vocalists. This clearly shows the rationale and methodology behind the distinctly “congregational” choices (rather than “performance” choices) in the following areas:

  • key choice
  • unifying our vocal style
  • consolidating the melody and the lyrics
  • harmony vocals

Our musical choices can either encourage a congregation to participate and worship God with us through the song, or to listen and critique us like an audience. Let’s choose the former over the latter!

I feel privileged to have been involved in the production of these Integrity Music and We Are Worship USA videos.

You can expect to see more from this series in future issues of [WM]. We’ll be presenting guiding principles with specific song examples for drums, bass, keyboard, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and vocals.

Stay tuned!

“The Lion and The Lamb”
Words and music by Brenton Brown, Brian Johnson, Leeland Mooring.
(©2015 Meaux Mercy, Thankyou Music, The Devil Is A Liar! Publishing, Bethel Music Publishing)

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