There may be no magic silver bullets in worship ministry, but there is PCO.

Planning Center Online helps a ministry of any size become better organized and prepared, communicate better, reduce the administrative work that is a drag for many leaders responsible for herding cats, erm… creatives, artists, techies and musicians, and it promotes unity in the Body of Christ.

Here are 5 Reasons why effective worship ministry leaders use PCO:

Churches have multiple streams of communication, with far-reaching possibilities in ways we disseminate information: Facebook groups, group texts, emails, private web forums, phone calls, church bulletins, social media apps… and too many options means there are many chances for necessary details to get lost or ignored.

PCO provides an effective platform for our ministry team members to use one common means of communication, ensuring fewer drops in the information stream. When we insist on just one means of communicating – no more group texts about scheduling, no more telephone game (Mary Sue asked me to tell you that she won’t be able to be here on Thursday…) – the result is no more missed connections, which is a huge time saver and stress reliever for the typical person responsible for a worship ministry. PCO is incredibly good at making this happen.

When we communicate expectations better, we see expectations met better.

PCO allows a worship leader to put all the tools in one place for every member of the team to prepare privately and show up ready to engage corporately. Being able to upload mp3’s of songs (easily transposed into the actual key we’re playing the song in) proves incredibly helpful for personal preparation. Additionally, PCO establishes a library to post and link to charts, arrangements, documents, video tutorial resources, click tracks, and the overall map of the service.

When we provide the ability to prepare better, and communicate a culture of individual ownership in practicing better, as a team we perform better.

There are myriad resources out there for learning songs, making it challenging to get everyone on the same page. PCO provides the ability to collect what is most helpful for the team and put it in one place, so we provide a clear vision of each part, each song, each set, and each service. Using PCO brings our whole ministry team (ushers, greeters, children & youth ministry, deacons, pastors & elders, trustees, security team, teachers & speakers) on the same page together so that everybody knows what is supposed to happen and when, resulting in a more unified spirit. As Amos 3:3 asks, “How can two walk together unless they’re in agreement?”

When everybody is on the same page, we support every area of ministry better.

PCO streamlines scheduling so that it is not the monster that eats all my time. When we train the team to use the calendar blackout dates and respond quickly to requests, scheduling becomes uber fast, allowing us to focus on the more important (and fun) aspects of leading a worship team. Using PCO allows me to minimize administrative time and prioritize spiritual and musical preparation, far more fruitful pursuits.

When my focus as a leader can be on big picture elements of worship rather than on the minutia of scheduling, our team benefits from the better focus and the whole church is better for it.

We desire to be united in heart, mind, spirit, and love as we seek to live out Jesus’ vision for His Church. Using effective methods and tools, such as PCO provides, gives us the ability to do all that we do better each Sunday to bless one another in our local church.

When we do all that we do with the achievable vision of being unified in heart and spirit, God is glorified and His local church is better for it.

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