Here we are – into February 2018 already! Christmas is still wearing off for many of us and I know that I’m trying to get a focus on the New Year. I guess in most jobs, people plan for the New Year as the old year is winding down, but in worship so much has to be considered during Christmas that I forget to plan ahead. Maybe my New Year’s Resolution needs to be, “Plan for 2019 while it’s still 2018!”

Speaking of resolutions… being resolute is having a determination, being purposeful and unwavering. Worship musicians, what if in 2018 we were all resolute to teach our churches the new song “Testimony” from The Belonging Co? This is such a powerful, purposeful, unwavering statement of standing firm in Christ. It’s a fantastic song to play with the Short-Cut capo. The key of “G” with a full capo on fret 3 and the Short-Cut capo on fret 5 (chords figure 1).

Playing with the open voicing of the Short-Cut capo is perfect with a band or if you’re leading with guitar alone. I start with fingerstyle in the intro and verse 1 and then move to a dynamic and full rhythm in the chorus and verse 2 while leaving room to build up the bridge.

I’d love to hear some of what you’re doing with the Short-Cut capo. Please post some clips and tag me @cutcapo on Instagram and Twitter.

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