Corey Voss: Songs of Heaven and Earth

There are three things that make a worship song great: a memorable, singable melody, a sound theological idea that is rooted in scripture, and one that says something that others don’t. There are few worship artists that can achieve what I like to call the “Simple/complex” worship song, and even fewer that can write more than one using this recipe. Corey Voss is one of those artists, and his latest release, Songs of Heaven and Earth, is a wonderful collection of ten songs, five of which were released on an EP last summer.

The heartbeat theme of this album is centered around the power of God and the hope that only He can bring to a broken world. Voss’s smokey tenor carries this album, and his sincerity and enthusiasm to seek the heart of Christ is evident in every song.

The standout cuts include the opening track, “The King Is Here,” which is a pop infused anthem declaring the Kingdom of God has come. It will make a powerful service opener. “Lift Oh Gates” is a gorgeous piano ballad based on Psalm 24, and is about the all-surpassing power of God in our lives.

A song that will definitely be in my Easter Sunday set-list sooner rather than later, is Voss’ unique spin on Jaci Velasquez’ “Praise the King,” which is a well-penned song of
Easter victory.

If you think poetry is dead in worship music, take a listen to Voss’ “Canyons.” Utilizing the width and breadth of nature’s beauty to describe the love of Christ, this song might be up for song of the year honors.

This is my favorite album of a young 2018 so far. Interesting and fresh melodic motifs abound throughout,and Voss’ writing is rich in scripture and substance. Most of the songs here are definitely ready for your Sunday morning set-list, and your people and teams will love this collection.

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