Jeremy Riddle: More

More is the first solo release in 7 years by Bethel worship leader and song writer, Jeremy Riddle. His latest collection features twelve vertical worship songs rooted in themes of the saving power of the cross and God’s incredible mercy and faithfulness. Riddle’s authentic vocals and creative musical arrangements keep the album interesting and palatable throughout.

The standout tracks include the title track, which opens the album with an energetic, electronic vibe as Riddle reminds us how God keeps revealing His majesty in our lives each and every day. “All Hail King Jesus” is in stark contrast to the opener and finds us at Golgotha on Good Friday, as it begins with a somber tone before erupting into a victorious declaration of Easter Joy.

“Shadow” is an honest look at how sometimes we can lose who God has made us to be because of our sinfulness and how God waits to welcome us home like the father of the Prodigal, no matter what we have done.

Jeremy Riddle is a great worship writer and performer, and I was impressed by how intentional and well thought out the songs and their arrangements are on this album. It is obvious that Jeremy and his team took their time in the creative process, and that God’s word and personal experience both played a major role as they were penned. Riddle’s soaring vocals and tight harmonies abound, and the musical forethought here is very creative, expressive, and honest.

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