From January 25-28, gear manufacturers and resellers from all over the world gathered in Anaheim, CA for the 2018 NAMM Snow. The [WM] team spent four jam packed days surveying the latest gear, and we are excited to share our findings with you via the first annual Worship Musician Magazine NAMMY Awards. The gear we’re honoring is great for worship, and was either new for this show, or represents a significant update since last year’s show. We invite you to follow the short URLs to find out more about the gear we’ve selected.


  1. I have just started playing cajon. As a guitarist I am immdiately drawn to the Walkabout drum – I think this is going to be a must-have in the future!

    • Hey Keith! What is there NOT to love about the Cajon – seriously an amazing instrument that is PERFECT for the House of Worship. And YES!!!… the WalkaBout is AWESOME. Really cool that the percussionist is not stuck in one place – they can sit – or roam if they want to! Thanks for your post ~ Doug:)

  2. Wow, I’m shocked you didn’t choose Taylor’s new V-Brace line of acoustic guitars! This new bracing pattern is a major game changer in the acoustic guitar world and you all chose to not include it. Why?

    • Hey Joe – great question! The change in Martin’s bracing per the HD-28 was the tipping point for us. This has been such an iconic instrument for SO long, we just felt this was the show stopper for us in acoustic-electric department. That said, there is a “Great Acoustic-electric Guitar for Worship” feature in the works:) Thanks for your post – appreciated ~ Doug;)

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