It was a busy Thursday; my wife and I had arrived in Anaheim, CA Wednesday night at 10:30PM, which was 12:30AM our time. Early Thursday morning I had to do some final setup at the Kyser booth on the NAMM floor. After spending all day on our feet, we arrived on the Mezzanine level of the Hilton Hotel with an hour wait for the NAMM Night of Worship to begin. NAMM is really a blast, but is totally exhausting!

That night, I was completely impressed with the opening band, For All Seasons! In fact, I’ve been listening to all their music almost daily for the three weeks following NAMM! The lyrics and feel of “Bigger Than” are so powerful, and the melody is easily singable. I’ve been rehearsing it with our team in Louisiana and we’re ready to introduce it to our church.

This song is extremely simple to play, and works very well with the Short-Cut capo. I’ve written the chords paired with the number system. The original key is “E,” which fits with Emil Hamilton’s voice really well, but not so much for my voice. I’m curious: Do you often need to change original keys?

(Mini-lesson) Transposing with the Short-Cut capo is as simple as adding a full capo two frets behind it. Keep in mind that in the standard position (2nd fret), it’s easy to play in the keys of “E” and “A.” Do you remember learning “E-root” and “A-root” barre chords? Apply that concept to using a full capo behind the Short-Cut and you will instantly know the two keys you can play in with the Short-Cut capo-ed up the neck… for instance, with a full capo on fret 1 and the Short-Cut capo on fret 3, you’ll be playing in “F” or “Bb.” (If you played barre chords on fret 1, the “E-root” is “F” and the “A-root” is “Bb.”)

I am more comfortable singing “Bigger Than” in the key of “G.” So, I place a full capo on fret 3 and the Short-Cut capo on fret 5 and then use the same fingerings from the chart. I would encourage you to move your capos around and find the key that best fits your voice.

Give this song a try, and while you’re at it, check out the other tunes from For All Seasons. There is so much more that our churches need to sing!

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