Christine Dente: Closer to Free

“I feel myself on the edge of better things… I’ve got butterflies inside,” declares one of Christian music’s most recognizable voices. Since the last Out of the Grey album (the excellent A Little Light Left in 2015), mama Dente has seen eldest son Julian wed a fellow musician and put out his own album under the moniker Yøuth, and now he returns to the family fold to produce this EP of contemplative pop.

She’s lost none of her lyrical transparency as she cautions us away from unrealistic expectations of our musical heroes. “On this pedestal, I seem so steady… Should you dare to shine a light my way, see the shadow of the shape I’m in, so paper thin, fragile as glass.” (in “See Through Me”) Julian keeps the production sedate but not boring or repetitive. “Culdesac Kathy,” the most insightful song of the bunch, rides a lonely Fender Rhodes waltz line while confessing how a comfortable suburban life can become an idol that insulates us from ministry opportunities.

Dente’s vocals have lost none of their expressive intimacy in the last 25 years. If you’re looking for substantive Christian music that grapples with the realities of modern life, this is it.

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