For All Seasons: Clarity

California trio, For All Seasons, may be new to the CCM recording industry, having recently been signed by Centricty Records, but the retro pop worship group are old friends who met at Biola University and have been writing, performing, and leading worship together for more than ten years.

Fronted by Emily Hamilton, whose vocal style is reminding many of a young Twila Paris, their first official EP, Clarity, is a sort of retro throwback to the worship genre of the 80’s and early 90’s, with a modern twist.

The highlight tracks of the album include the opener, “Higher,” which stylistically represents the west coast sound of groups like Bethel but with more sensibility, and “Fight Anymore,” which features Hamilton’s powerful and gripping vocals as she reminds us that the battle is over and Christ has secured our eternity in heaven.

80’s keyboard riffs and a driving electronic drum kit are the foundation for the theme song, which paints Christ as the rescuer of our lives in every circumstance. The album ends with “Common Love,” which combines a dub-step feel with a laid-back guitar riff as Hamilton’s shimmering vocals cry out in worship.

Some of the arrangements were leaning towards sounding outdated, but nowhere near anything that would keep me from buying this album. The theology is solid, and Hamilton’s vocals clearly carry this project. Seven songs seems like either a long EP or a short album, but either way there is a lot to expect from the trio going forward.

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