Skye Peterson: Tell Me Again

They grow up so quickly! Skye has been a staple in concert appearances with her father Andrew Peterson for years. But play this for your friends, and they’ll have a hard time believing that these tracks were written and performed by someone too young for a learner’s permit.

Okay, she has a little help from producer Greg LaFollette, and Ellie Holcomb dropped by for a duet, but the heart of this album is all Skye.

She’s dealing with teen troubles (“In my mind, I see everyone’s worth, except mine. Can nobody see that I’m here? Where did everybody go?” on “Lost Dog”) and the challenges of owning Christian faith (“I want to know that He is calling, and to know that He is here even when I cannot see him, and I’m in despair.” on “Tell Me Again”; “When I have tried to look for You, You always seem to hide, leaving me alone and stranded” on “Lonely World”). Acoustic guitar and piano predominate, though EP opener “Your Love” has U2 atmospherics and some millennial “Woahs.”

Fans of Sara Groves and Audrey Assad will want to follow this unfolding career; the sky is the limit.

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