Future of Forestry: Union

After a glorious 2016 release that combined haunting, Tibetan-inflected electro-ballads with thunderously cinematic Hans Zimmer-style instrumentals, Eric Owyoung is back in the driver’s seat for a full instrumental album. First off, this album passes the basic (but often neglected) test of instrumental work: Was there a clear melody line in the music you just heard? Can you hum it? For this album, yes, you can. Piano and string textures predominate, sounding convincingly organic even when arranged electronically, which is no mean feat. Katie Burns of the Denver Philharmonic provides acoustic cello, but otherwise the acoustic textures are the result of careful electronic work. Track names “Light from Earth,” and “Eclipse” hint at astronomical inspirations. Sure, you could put this on in the background while you work, but it rewards focused listening as well. The majestic “North side” may just lift you out of your seat.

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