• 9V Battery or DC Powered
  • ¼” In/Out Jacks*
  • True Bypass**
  • Active DI also has an *XLR out and a **Mute function instead of True Bypass

$159 – 179 MAP

The Align Series Pedals combine the key features from LR Baggs’ most popular products with the experience they got producing their highly acclaimed Handcrafted Video Sessions. This modular approach allows you to sculpt consistently great acoustic tones, be it live, or in the studio.

As acoustic musicians, we spend hours, days and weeks getting to know the nuances of our prized instruments, warts and all. Not all of these nuances (especially the warts) make for a better mix, so ironically, producing a great live or studio sound is often about using technology to transform the natural sound of your instrument into something that “works” in the mix.

The modular approach the Align Series pedals allows you take is a lot like getting a great sound in the studio – the signal chain is frequently made up of a number of pieces of studio grade gear that collectively deliver the desired sound. The obvious advantage of using separate pedals to do this is that each of the pedals is designed to offer greater control per its assigned task(s), and you can bring them in and out with the push of a button.

Each of the pedals in the Align Series does a great job of doing their particular tasks, but as I just mentioned, having a pedalboard with four great pedals designed specifically for acoustic instruments is a huge plus. Per the video demo I put together, you’ll get a chance to hear how the Align Series pedals enabled me to fit four rather dynamic parts into the mix in a harmonious and musical fashion. Complementing their good looks, these pedals allow you to craft studio-quality tones that sound and feel organic!

SESSION – As the name implies, this pedal brings the studio experience to your pedalboard. The Volume allows you to set the overall output, where the Gain and Saturation controls enable you to add a little “hair” (purposeful distortion) to the mix. The multi-band Compressor only targets three bands of EQ, so that as you turn it up it just compresses those problematic frequencies, without compressing the entire guitar signal. This approach is key to keeping the sound and feel organic. $179 MAP

EQUALIZER – If you’re looking for a starting place, this would be it. Based on LR Baggs’ highly-esteemed Para Acoustic DI circuit, this box is a Swiss Army knife of tone. The Notch Filter easily eliminates feedback with the twist of a knob. The six EQ bands were selected for finely sculpting your acoustic guitar sound, as well as other acoustic instruments like the WalkaBout drum used in the demo. The three-position HPF (high pass filter) switch can filter out all frequencies below either 40, 80, or 120hz to clean up the bottom end of your mix while eliminating low-end rumble. The phase button is essential, and as they suggest should be used each time you set up. The three-position Gain switch allows you to attenuate the level per the varying instruments this box was designed to accentuate. $179 MAP

REVERB – As noted in the demo, the Volume, Tone, Reverb (amount), and Decay controls allow you to add depth to your lead and melody lines, without having them disappear in the mix. This proprietary circuit was designed specifically for the unique tonal nuances of acoustic instruments. The secret sauce to using this pedal is fine tuning the Tone and Decay controls to get the exact reverb sound you’re looking for, and using the Reverb knob to control the amount of reverb and in the turn, controlling the overall level with the Volume control. This will allow you to add depth and volume with the push of a button. $179 MAP

ACTIVE DI – The DI (Direct Injection) box is like air traffic control for your signal, and having the range of options this pedal provides is key for discerning acoustic players. The Active DI has a XLR out for sending your signal to the P.A. as well as a ¼” out to feed an amp. When the Thru / Out switch is set to Thru, the ¼” output bypasses all internal circuitry, allowing you to “treat” just the XLR output. This allows you to assign the Lift / Ground switch, the 0dB / -10dB / -20dB Pad, and Phase buttons to work on just the XLR output without affecting the signal you’d send to your amp. The Mute footswitch allows you to seamlessly switch instruments. When the Thru switch is set to Out, Mute affects the ¼” and the XLR outs. When set to Thru, Mute affects just the XLR. $159 MAP

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