Planning Center Services recently released a new Service Type page, which includes an exciting new Reports tab. This tab contains reports for People, Songs, and Service Length.

The purpose of these reports is to provide insight on patterns in scheduling, song choices, and service times, and to help you identify ways you can maximize your planning. The Reports tab can help you decide what you want to avoid and what you want to do more in the future, by looking at your past.

The People report shows everyone scheduled in a team over a period of time, and includes each person’s status: Confirmed (green), Unconfirmed (yellow), and Declined (red).

One of the most useful purposes of this report is to help you find the patterns in when your team members accept, decline, or do not respond. Once you know this, you can gain insight into why they make the choices they do.

In this report you can see who is accepting, declining, or not responding the most as well as everyone who was scheduled for the first time within your date range. If a person is scheduled to more than one position, each status will stack on top of each other. By looking at your team members’ other volunteer commitments, you might begin to understand their scheduling patterns on your team.

Considering the results of this report with when you sent out requests can also help you figure out if you need to send requests earlier to give people more time, or if you’re maybe giving them too much time!

This report is designed to be one of your go-to resources as you plan your worship services. The Songs report shows all of the songs used in your Service Type within the date range you select.

Like the People report, you can sort by which songs were used for the first time or by the total number of times a song has been used by clicking on the New or Total column headers.

This report can be used as a source of inspiration for song choice. Maybe as you go through the report, you’ll find an old favorite that has been missing from the rotation for a while. You might also find you are singing the same song too often, or are introducing too many new songs on a regular basis without giving the congregation the opportunity to learn them! Use the Songs report to help you evaluate how well you are applying your own goals for song choice and frequency.

Service Length
The Service Length report shows the length of each service in your date range. If you use the report alongside Services Live, you will see a comparison of how well your service plans line up with the recorded reality. If a service goes longer than planned, the difference is shown in red, and if the service ended early, it will be in green.

With this data you can set better expectations within your team for how long songs and other service items should take to meet your goals.

We hope these reports equip you to decide how you want your church to grow in the area of service planning.

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