Jordan Feliz: Future

The third offering from Jordan Feliz and chief producer Colby Wedgeworth is very much of the present moment; a soulful, tasty collection of synth-driven confections in the vein of Imagine Dragons, OneRepublic, or Maroon 5. “All Along” gives us a toe-tapping autobiography of Feliz’ life story so far. Power ballad “180” tells a tale of repentance and redemption, as does “Changed,” adding a Bruno Mars-type retro-R&B groove to the mix for extra fun. Feliz’ supple tenor shows equally fine form on the demanding falsetto of “That’s the Life” and the layered harmonies of “Count That High.” A gospel choir nicely augments “Faith,” while another track urges us to find God’s love in the “Pages” of Scripture. Shimmery piano-based closer “Blank Canvas” rides a “People Get Ready” rhythm, inspiring us to make the most of the days that God has given us.

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Robert is a Sunday School teacher, music nerd, and acoustic guitar enthusiast. He lives in rural Tennessee with his wife and three boys.

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