Ledger: Ledger (EP)

Skillet’s been on an invincible roll lately, and this solo debut EP from drummer Jen Ledger is no exception. It’s infectious, high-energy guitar pop in the spirit of Paramore. Skillet vocalist John Cooper lends a voice on “Warrior.” Titles like that one, “Bold,” and “I’m Not Dead Yet” show this album to revel in the same sense of progress and triumph as Skillet’s recent album. Piano ballad “Ruins” is the main exception, a song of lament: “You’ll find me in the wreckage of a love so severe, and it’s clear I don’t know what I’m doing.” Explicit spiritual references are muted (“My Enemy is watching me bleed” and the like), in keeping with the mainstream emphasis. On a tight EP like this, choosing a favorite song becomes difficult, but for today at least, I’ll go with the closing track “Iconic,” a song of praise.

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