Lincoln Brewster: God of the Impossible

It’s been four years since renowned worship leader and pastor, Lincoln Brewster, has blessed the church with new music. Known for church and radio favorites like “There Is Power,” “Let The Praises Ring,” “Everlasting God,” “Love The Lord,” and “Today Is The Day,” Linc’s new release, God of the Impossible, finds its center on the power that Christ has to overcome seemingly insurmountable struggles that we not only face in life but, more importantly, the victory over death itself that He won for us.

“No One Like Our God,” the album’s first radio single, seems to have struck that chord with listeners, already reaching over one million streams on digital platforms. The song joins 10 other new tracks penned by Brewster, alongside members of his Bayside worship team.
Arrangement-wise, these songs are a bit of a departure from the heavy guitar-lick tracks of past Lincoln albums, with most of the tracks sitting somewhere in the electronic pop genre with the occasional signature guitar riffs thrown in lest we forget who we are listening to. For some, this might be refreshing, and probably appeals to a younger audience.

A few stand out tracks include the EDM-infused, “Your Love is Amazing,” which reveals how God can overcome every fear we face, while featuring one of the best guitar solos on the album. “While I Wait” shows the softer side of Brewster in this piano-led anthem about how God’s timing does not always match up with what we want, but ultimately, He knows and fills our every need.

The middle of the album tends to run together as “Loyal,” “Amazing God,” and “Here I Am” sound very similar, albeit not boring as Brewster’s bright tenor keeps things moving. The deluxe album offers two acoustic versions of “Loyal” and “Deep Down” to wrap up the album, and both are worth a listen.

Overall, God of the Impossible is very similar in style to his last release, Oxygen, and there are a few nice moments here that could definitely find their way into your Sunday morning set list.

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