Vertical Worship: Bright Faith Bold Future

Vertical Worship, previously known as Vertical Church Band, is part of the worship collective from Harvest Bible Chapel near Chicago, and features such well-known artists as, Andi Rozier, Kyle Fredricks, Jon Guerra, Tara Stutes, and Rochelle Burlock. Bright Faith Bold Future is Vertical’s 5th worship release whose central theme celebrates the eternal future that we have to look forward to as sons and daughters of the risen King.

I have enjoyed previous releases from Vertical, and this collection has a bunch of really well-written and performed songs as well. A few of my favorites include track one, “Open the Gates,” which is a catchy energetic opener with driving rhythms about the future that Christ secured for us on the cross. “Yes I Will” follows, with a surprisingly quick change of musical pace as the acoustic guitars and subtle electric arpeggios serve as a warm musical foundation for this laid back, yet groovy tune about how God is faithful in all things.

Meredith Andrews takes over the lead with her dynamic and moving vocals to lead “Over All I Know,” which is a a powerful mid-tempo ballad about the majesty of God.

The best song on the album, “Shelter,” was actually written and performed by One Sonic Society (Essential Worship record label mates), and Jason Ingram paints a well-crafted lyrical picture of the shelter that God provides daily from the arrows of pain and sadness. The song builds in intensity until Meredith Andrews joins Ingram in singing the line that the entire album is built around…”There’s nothing left to fear, There’s nothing left to fear, I am safe, I am safe.”

The thing I noticed right away about this album was that the theme of our future in Christ is consistent through almost every track, even if it isn’t front and center. There were a few times where some songs here tended to slide to the Christian cliché side of things, but the slick arrangements and bright vocals kept things interesting from track to track.

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