Wild Harbors: Monument

Chris and Jenna Badeker deliver a tight pop country duet sound with plenty of insight into life and faith. Though this is their debut album under this group name, both have over a dozen years of experience in the music world. Andrew Osenga sits in the producer’s chair, keeping the mix clear and the vocals front and center. Jenna is a strong belter in the Carrie Underwood department, while Chris has a clear tenor recalling Josh Ritter; together the two resemble a less twangy Sugarland. Songs like “We’re Getting Better” and “House on Fire” consider the ups and downs of married life. The quiet acoustic ballad “Abigail” is a touching prayer for a severely ill baby. “Water” paraphrases the proverb that “An entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship.” “Alone Together” rides a reverbed surf guitar riff in cautioning against a marriage in which the two people are “alone like stars: side by side together, but still a million miles apart.” “Battle” uses a rousing “whisper to a roar” arrangement calling on Jesus to aid us in the struggle with sin.

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