• 32 channels of recording and playback via USB 2.0
  • Stores 3 hours (96 track hours) of WAV file recordings
  • Virtual soundcheck to train new techs


The Behringer X32 is as common in churches today as beards and skinny jeans. It has become the de facto digital audio console due to its low price, expandability and relatively powerful topography. From multiple stage box offerings to compatibility with thousands of other installs, the X32 has what people want. The latest expansion option is the X-LIVE card designed to give the X32 a full thirty-two channels of recording and playback via USB 2.0. It also sports both SD and SDHC card slots to store up to three hours (96 track hours) of WAV file recordings. The USB interface and SD cards can be used simultaneously for virtual soundcheck to train new techs, as a slot-filler so a musician can lay down their part Saturday morning when they will have to be at work on Sunday and as a remote control for the DAW.

For $199.99, the X-LIVE card is a low-cost peek into the rarified realm of DiGiCo and AVID consoles where these features began. Behringer has implemented PC software and both Android and Apple apps for the remote control functions with instant live playback and markers that can be set on the fly and edited later. A nod toward Waves is the included PC plug-in feature to get an idea of how the world of C6, L2 and REDD improves the final product. Throw in a three-year warranty and the X-LIVE becomes almost as essential to owning an X32 as a power cord.

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