Mad At the World: Hope

From their self-titled 1987 debut, siblings Randy and Roger Rose showed strong pop/rock sensibilities tilting toward the British corner of the map. Their first album had an industrial Depeche Mode sound, but they shifted to a guitar-heavy approach over time. Their latest project returns to their roots, heavy in synths. Depeche Mode’s synth-rock remains a key element in the mix, but album opener “Healing on Planet Earth” more directly recalls Duran Duran, and final track “You Belong to Me” is a straight up homage to Jeff Lynne’s 70’s work with the Electric Light Orchestra. “Never Gonna Stop” captures their early sound most completely, but also seems a bit out of tune between its instruments. “Moving In and Moving Out” has fat analog bass synths like Awolnation. This is clearly Christian rock, quoting Bible verses like 2 Chronicles 7:14 outright and saying things like “Jesus, I give you the pieces of brokenness and debris.” No mysterious, unnamed “You” as the topic of these songs!

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