Worship Central: Stir A Passion

Birmingham, UK based Worship collective, Worship Central’s fifth worship release, Stir a Passion, is anchored by worship leaders Tim Hughes and Luke and Anna Hellebronth. The eleven-song worship collection was recorded at the inaugural “The Gathering” conference earlier this year. The central theme that runs through the heart of the album is God’s wonderful mysterious love and power for His people, and boasts some really well written songs and uplifting worship moments.

Some of the standout songs include the opener, “Pray,” which finds its lyrical foundation in the Lord’s prayer that is re-written in a fresh and relevant way. Luke Hellebronth’s sparkling tenor, mixed with the driving rhythms and killer electric guitar riffs, put this song over the top.

“All For Love” is a well-written exploration of the sacrifice of Christ. It begins in the garden of Gethsemane, and ends victoriously at the cross. “Never Give Up” is a catchy toe tapper about how God never stops chasing after the hearts of those He loves. Anna Hellenbronth’s silky soprano takes over the mic for “O Lord We Seek,” as she passionately calls for the Spirit of God to overtake their time of worship. “Hope and Glory” wraps up the album in energetic celebratory fashion as Tim Hughes sings passionately of the power that only Christ has to save us.

I really enjoyed this entire album. There are wonderful moments of spontaneous worship, energetic songs of victory, and great musicianship and writing throughout. I really appreciated the honesty and vulnerability of many of these songs and the honest way they were presented. There were a few moments where the cliché monster began to raise his ugly head, but for the most part these are smartly written songs of praise. The guitar work was outstanding, and the mix was absolutely spot on.

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