Alisa Turner: Miracle Or Not

  1. Lift My Eyes
  2. Miracles
  3. Not Even Now
  4. Only My Jesus
  5. Safe
  6. Miracle Or Not
  7. What A Day
  8. Louder
  9. Forever Holy
  10. My Prayer For You
  11. As It In In Heaven
  12. Psalm 13

Alisa Turner knows first-hand about suffering and loss. As a teenager, she contracted Lyme Disease, at 20 years young, her father died, and as a newly married mom, she lost her infant son. These life experiences are what drive the Tennessee based worship leader to write songs for the church from a different point of view. Her strong heart and a knowledge that she is unconditionally loved by God are what helps Alisa to pour these experiences into her music, modern laments, and psalms filled with hope.

Sounding like a young Jennifer Knapp, Alisa Turner’s smoky vocals are the musical foundation of her debut album, Miracle or Not which features thirteen new tracks of honest, vertical worship written out of desperation and loss.

“Lift My Eyes” is based on Psalm 121 and is a catchy pop opener as Turner’s unique vocal style sets the tone for what is to come. “Not Even Now” is a gorgeous ballad about the unchanging love and power of God, and the title track features Turner’s vulnerable writing style as she pours out her heart expressing how far away from God she feels, yet she clings to the promise of the Gospel in all things with the knowledge that His love for us never fails. I absolutely love the theology here because so often we forget that even when we don’t feel close to God He calls us to hold true to knowledge of the Gospel in our lives.

In “My Prayer for You,” her honesty comes through again as she’s accompanied by a simple arrangement that doesn’t detract from her haunting performance. The closing track, appropriately titled “Psalm 13,” is a stripped-down piano ballad that beautifully paraphrases the psalm.

This was a solid debut for Alisa Turner. Her passionate vocal style and lyrical vulnerability are what really hold this entire album together. I wouldn’t classify every song here as corporate worship worthy, as a few felt more like performance type songs, but there are some nice worshipful moments. I do wish she would have taken a few more musical risks with instrumentation and arrangement to complement her powerful voice, as the album tended to run together with each track sounding more like the one before it as it went on. That being said, Alisa Turner is one to watch.

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