The faithfulness of God is a truth that needs to be repeated and sung about in our worship. We all need to be reminded regularly about God’s faithfulness! The first time I heard this new version of “Great Is Thy Faithfulness,” I was in the middle of transitioning to a new job. The enemy was doing his best to distract and rob me and my wife of our joy, but God kept showing His hand and confirming His work. He is truly faithful from “Beginning to end!”

This song is really easy to play with the cut capo. It’s recorded in “C” (full capo on 3 and cut capo on 5), but I lead it in the key of “Bb” (full capo on 1 and cut capo on 3) because it just gets too high for me. Move the capos around to other keys to find what fits your voice and your church best.

For dynamics (see video), I use a simple alternating finger-style at the beginning and slowly build to being full strum at the end. Allowing the music to build helps the people you are leading to be more engaged with the song. If you look at the chord shapes on the chorus, “Beginning to end” goes from a “C” to a “C/E”… I play the “C” with no 3rd, which means, mute the 5th string. That makes that “C” a one-finger chord (use your 2nd finger) and the “C/E” is also a one-finger chord at the 5th string with your 1st finger. Just that little, one-finger move makes a great bit of difference as you walk into the “F” chord on the word “Great.”

This is a fun and powerful song to play. I’ve had several people comment about it at my church! It’s very well received!

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