LIFE Worship: Speak To The Storm

  1. How Can We Not Give Praise
  2. Imagine
  3. Great Is Your Faithfulness
  4. Miracles Happen
  5. We Just Want To Worship
  6. Breakthrough Here
  7. Always Enough
  8. Fearless Abandon
  9. Peace Be Mine
  10. Here and Now
  11. Seas of Glass
  12. Freedom At The Cross

LIFE Worship is the creative arts ministry of LIFE Church, a multi-site congregation based in Bradford, UK, with campuses in Leeds (UK), Belfast, Northern Ireland, and Warsaw, Poland.

Their latest release, Speak To The Storm serves as a powerful reminder that God walks with His people and brings hope and comfort amidst the storms of life. Stylistically, Speak to the Storm is on par with well-known bands like Jesus Culture and Bethel, with very similar arrangements and overall vibe.

This collection is for those of us who struggle holding on to truth and hope when life gets tough. Whether the storms of life are pressure systems from the outside world or the eddying spirals of an anxious mind, this album reminds us to plant our feet in the solid ground of the Gospel at all times as we learn to lean on God’s strength in every situation.
Some of the other standout tracks include “Peace Be Mine,” which is a beautiful and powerful song of hope that gives the worshipper a glimpse into the peace that only Christ can bring, while “Freedom At The Cross” is an intimate song of hope about how when all is said and done in this life, we find our final freedom in the sacrifice of Jesus at the cross.

The best written song on the album is “Breakthrough Here,” which features warm ethereal guitars and memorable hook-laden melodies, which is nothing new in and of itself, however the lyrical theme of the song sets it apart. Instead of writing about what we are going to do for God, or singing about what He has done for us, we are put in the moment and reminded that God is doing something life-changing in us during our times of worship.

LIFE Worship has done a great job in keeping the theme throughout this collection of twelve songs, even though a few are somewhat forgettable carbon copies of what the CCM world has been mainly comprised of for the past few years. Yet it is this central theme that holds the album together and makes this collection palatable and, at times, outstanding. These are songs that remind us that storms will end, God endures, and to cling to the cross and the foundation of the Gospel.

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