I count on one thing; the same God that never fails will not fail me now. You won’t fail me now!

Anthems in worship move a congregation most when the people identify greatly with the lyric and when the “feel” of the song is full of dynamic changes that match the cry of the people. The new song, “Yes I Will” from the latest Vertical Worship release, “Bright Faith, Bold Future,” is one of those moving anthems that can sit perfectly in the middle or end of a worship set. I prefer this song with a full band, but it can be really well done with a solo acoustic guitar and the cut capo!

This song is in the key of “C,” which uses “A-Shapes” and is perfect for the cut capo; the open voicing lends itself really well to the dynamic changes in the song. I’ll feature the chord shapes in the key of “A” to match the cut capo. To play in the recorded key of “C,” simply place a full capo on fret 3 and cut capo on fret 5. When I lead the song, I’ll lead it in the key of “B” with capos on frets 2 and 4.

For dynamics, I like to finger pick the intro and first verse with an alternating pattern. The chord changes are syncopated in that they come on the “1” and the “and-of-2.” Getting this chord change correct helps to create the feel of the song. Once you hit the first chorus, I would play long strums (diamonds) for each chord change. Doing that gives you space to drive into the repeat of the first verse and build to a bigger chorus the second time through. To create the build in that repeat of the first verse, try using only a down-strum with your pick on the lower 3 strings and even using a palm mute. This can help create the same type of feel that the toms can create on the drums. Playing with specific dynamics help to separate the sections of a song and keep the song from being monotonous (same sound over and over). It brings a lot of interest to the song and makes it easier for the people to engage.

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