David and Nicole Binion: Dwell – A Live Worship Experience

Husband and wife team, David and Nicole Binion, have been writing and leading worship for more than 20 years but have not released an album as a duo since 2009. Since then they have been the driving force of the Texas based, Covenant Worship and serve the Dallas church as the head worship Pastors.

Their Summer ‘18 release, Dwell: A Live Worship Experience, features ten tracks on the physical CD and a whopping 14 on the digital release and features the husband and wife team along with their daughter Madison (known as MDSN) William McDowell, Tasha Cobbs, Leonard and BJ Putnam.

The theme of the album centers on the importance of our need to spend quality time with God, whose presence guides and protects at all times.

This is not a “quick-listen” album as most of the tracks here are well over 5 minutes and the idea of soaking in the spirit of God during the worship experience comes through in clear fashion.

“My Soul Follows” begins the album with rhythmic drums and a laid back guitar riff for this mid-tempo ballad that tells us of the eternity we have with Jesus. Romans 8:28 is the scriptural foundation for “All Things,” which is a wonderful song of encouragement featuring a gorgeous melody line adorned with violins and pads that soon builds into a chorus of victory. Nicole’s choral prowess is on full display as her melodic runs and energy throughout make this song stand out.

The Binion’s daughter, Madison takes over the lead on what sure is to be the most radio-played track of the album, “Hunger,” which is a well written song about how only God can fill the missing pieces in our lives.

There are some really nice worship moments on this collection of songs and I appreciated the idea of the theme that we do not spend enough time just being with the God of the universe in our busy lives. Nicole’s vocals shine throughout and the album really rests on her vocal laurels as, after a few tracks, the album tends to run together even though there are a whole host of great worship artists here. A few more musical risks and some higher energy songs would have been nice, but still there are a few good ones for you to check out here.

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