Hillsong Young and Free: III

This second generation Hillsong band follows up their Dove-nominated “Youth Revival” album with this stirring collection of synthpop/EDM praise. All the elements of modern electronica are in play, from harmonizer, to chipmunk octaving, to wind-up with bass drop, with a variety of vocalists. Nor do they skimp on the music, with seventeen tracks, including three “Selah” transitions. Topics include surrender (“When I let go, then I’m alive”), trust in God for our needs (on “Every Little Thing”). “Just Jesus” is a testimony song. Some tracks praise an unnamed “You” (“Let Go”) but most are more explicit (“Just Jesus”). “Jesus Loves Me” delightfully reworks the children’s song into a powerful anthem of praise. It’s a solid collection of memorable songs that will sound great blasting from your headphones or singing together with your worship community.

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